“Training with Tori was one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. Tori not only taught me new exercises, tweaked my form for more effective muscle engagement, and helped me with nutrition, but also provided me with so much support both in and outside of the gym. When I came to her, I wanted to get over a plateau/slump I had been feeling in my training. She created a meal plan for me to better understand what I was feeding my body and helped me in the gym by helping to correct my form and some mis-learned/bad habits I had formed.  
She helped me get excited about my training and health again, all while being an amazing person and support.
Couldn’t have asked for a better coach!”

-Sammi McCall 

“So I have never had a personal trainer and never thought I would ever get one...Why? Because I thought it was silly to spend all this money on somebody who stands over you and tells you to give them 20 push-ups... No thanks I can do that at home.

My best friend asked me if I wanted to train one time with Tori, and if we liked it we would train for a few months to get prepped for the NPC competition.  Well let me tell you right after my first work out with Tory (who by the way has won the competition like 4 times!!!!) I thought to myself... Jesus have I ever worked out before in my life?  I went to the gym often and would use the machines and free weights thinking I had perfect form, but man was I wrong!

Training with Tori has been so educational and really mind opening.  Tori is a great and patient teacher who will kick your ass into shape.  In just the first 2 weeks I lost 3% body fat!!! I am getting so much more toned up and I feel better in my skin. I cannot wait to see what a few more months will bring and it is all thanks to Tori.”

-Lisa Borden

“I decided to get a trainer when I realized I was going to the gym and I was not seeing results. Ive known Tori for a while now and she had told me before to let her train me. Since I made that decision, I have never felt so great and seen the result I’ve been wanting. I initially started to train with Tori because I wanted to learn some new workouts. I had no Idea I was doing so many things incorrectly. She really teaches you what not to do and how doing the workouts correctly can result in what you are looking to obtain. My eating habits used to be really bad as well. Eating mostly once a day. She taught me that you will never build muscle that way. Her meal plans will cater to you in what you like to eat vs. what you don’t like to eat and most importantly what you should be eating. Her knowledge is impressive, she has an aura of motivation surrounding her, amazing scenes of humour and has encouraged me to be stronger and leaner than I have ever been. She’s the best!”

-Ryan Sicner

-Sarah Montee

“I worked with Tori for over 6 months. When we began I was just unhappy with how I looked and felt. Fast forward to now, I’ve competed in my first bikini competition and placed top 5, winning me a medal! The mind and body transformation I made with Tori as my coach was beyond my wildest dreams. I’m so glad that I was able to train with her. I have a firm understanding of how to train and eat to fuel my body and achieve my goals!”

-Ash F

“Tori is amazing, and I thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to get fit. She's knowledgeable, encouraging, and passionate about getting people healthy. If you're looking for a judgement-free place to workout, lose weight, and get stronger, look no further. Tori's your girl!”

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